Posted on August 26th, 2014


MILF & Cookies


Posted on August 26th, 2014

MILF & Cookies Watch This Video!

Studio: CX WOWFour BBW MILFs are serving up some warm fresh cookies and milk and their warm fresh pussies. Lady Lynn wants Christian XXX to fuck her big titties before she gets pounded by his big cock. The cover MILF Lauren Fun puts the moves on her daughter’s friend before she gets home. Interracial scene with Betty Blac and Jade Rose swallows that load.

Stars: Lady Lynn, Betty Blac, Jade Rose, Lauren Fun, Christian XXX


A Christmas Treat


Posted on August 26th, 2014

A Christmas Treat Watch This Video!

Studio: MOMXXXChristmas is a time of warmth and celebration despite the cold contradictory weather that may occur during the winter season. It’s a time of love and remembering everything that makes us decent, but what about between two lovers? Our two beautiful girls Eve and Eufrat love Christmas, it’s a time to have fun with the people you love and there is nothing more that they love than a good orgasm. Both trying on their Christmas outfits they look like tasty little treats, admiring one another it isn’t long before kissing leads to slowly taking off their clothes. As its Christmas, Eve has also brought Eufrat a little gift in the form of a clear dildo for them to enjoy together.

Stars: Eve, Eufrat


Cuckold Honeymoon 5


Posted on August 25th, 2014

Cuckold Honeymoon 5 Watch This Video!

Studio: Venus Girls ProductionsBridgette B has gotten married! Talk about a catch! She’s fine as hell with her sultry sexual energy, huge soft tits, and equally impressive ass! The thing is Bridgette B has some demands that have to be met out of her husband, and make absolutely no mistake about, they will be meant. Her husband will have to worship his wife as she gets more qualified dick for her pussy!

Stars: Bridgette B.


Sexual Workout


Posted on August 24th, 2014

Sexual Workout Watch This Video!

Studio: MOMXXXGeorge loves to work out and stay in shape for his woman but today naughty Adriana already has other plans. Watching George workout Adriana can’t help but get excited. George notices this attention and starts to seduce her. The two share some passionate kissing before he bends her over the equipment and starts to eat her out from behind -once she’s nice and wet he slides his hard cock inside her, pounding her from behind over and over until she moans out in pleasure. Now it’s George’s turn to relax, he lays back and allows this hot blonde to do what she does best, fuck.

Stars: Adriana, George Uhl


Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 31


Posted on August 24th, 2014

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 31 Watch This Video!

Studio: Girlfriends FilmsKaren Fisher, Patyon Leigh, Raquel Sieb, and Shay Fox are all hot mothers who want their respective, young and growing offspring to experience what it’s like to taste the juices of another seasoned woman. That’s not a bad thing right? In fact, these intimate exchanges make for some of the hottest sex you’ll ever see!!

Stars: Shae Snow, Kinky Gaga, Sadie Kennedy, Payton Leigh, Karen Fisher, Raquel Sieb, Shay Fox, Prinzess


Mothers Behaving Very Badly 2


Posted on August 23rd, 2014

Mothers Behaving Very Badly 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: Forbidden Fruits FilmsForbidden Fruit Films is here with even more family fantasy debauchery! Boundaries get crossed in these five stories of mature women making bad decisions with the ones who should trust them the most. These might be some of the horniest moms in the industry! Featuring Amber Lynn Bach, Elexis Monroe, Jodi West, Kimber Woods and Simone Sonay!

Stars: Taylor White, Elexis Monroe, Amber Lynn Bach, Jodi West, Simone Sonay, Kimber Woods, T Stone, Taylor West, Tony Rubino


Family Fantasies - MILF 734


Posted on August 23rd, 2014

Family Fantasies - MILF 734 Watch This Video!

Studio: Red MILF ProductionsThe Unusual Sex Therapist

Rachel Divorced 10 years ago and chose to raise her stepson Brycen alone. Brycen and Rachel were very close. They lived in a remote farm house so social activities did not exist. Brycen took his college courses online and Rachel did most of her work at home as well. Because they spent all their time together Rachel began to feel comfortable wearing skimpy clothing around the house. Summer was unusually hot that year. Rachel did not think her 22 year old stepson would mind after all, she was his 40 something stepmom. While she was picking up the living room she was leaning over revealing a lot of cleavage. Brycen was looking right down her dress. He got a hard on and tried to adjust it. He ended up discretely fondling himself. One afternoon Rachel woke from a nap and went to her office, she heard a noise in Brycen’s room. Rachel saw the door was slightly open and peeked in, Brycen was naked with his back to her. Rachel wanted to close the door to give him privacy but when she caught a glimpse of his lean, muscular body she stopped. She watched him slowly dress and began to feel a sensation between her thighs. She clutched at her breasts pinching her erect nipples. She was having sexual thoughts about her stepson! Rachel realized what she was doing was terribly wrong and went back to her office. The next morning Rachel poured Brycen coffee and took her apron off to reveal a lace nighty and lace panties. Brycen gasped. Rachel told him the heat was unbearable and she could not sleep in anything else. He begged her to cover up, it was too much. Rachel laughed at his modestly. Brycen confessed to her it was very hard to look At her in such revealing things. He was an able to stop staring at her breasts. Her body was beautiful and he told her so. Rachel took it as a compliment not knowing his feelings were becoming very strong in a sexual way towards her. They sat in an awkward silence as Brycen then confessed. He was embarrassed and confused. Rachel wanted to console him so she confessed to her impure thoughts too. Rachel decided they should seek help. She contacted a Family Sex Therapist who specialized in stopping these urges. After examining them individually and determining that they had suppressed sexual feelings for each other she saw that she had an opportunity to fulfill her own twisted sexual fantasy. She flashed back to intense sex with her step son. She remembered swallowing his huge cock, him licking her pussy, fucking in every imaginable position and him shooting his hot cum all over her. She and her own stepson experienced it and acted on it. Dr. Taylor used the same method on her stepson leading them into a world where they were free to express their inner most desires without guilt or shame. They had amazing sex together. She was going to do this for Rachel and Brycen. She told them both that she could solve their problem . She brought them both back into the office and sat them down. The therapist told them a word that would be the word they would respond to. She told them that when they heard the word they should act on their sexual feelings for each other. A week went by and Dr. Taylor came for a home visit. Rachel dressed more appropriate and Brycen seemed more at ease. Everything seemed fine but Dr. Taylor knew they were only suppressing their real feelings and for them to live a healthy life they needed to act on them. She said the word . Rachel and Brycen looked into each other’s eyes deeply with passion and began to kiss. Rachel soon stripped out of her dress as Brycen ravished her body. Rachel threw her head back And told Brycen how she had longed for this day. Brycen told her this was what he truly wanted. They made love as Dr. Taylor watched and encouraged them. She remembered her stepson’s love and slowly removed her clothes. Brycen, Rachel and the therapist all had an threesome. Brycen came in his stepmom’s open mouth and the doctor’s as well. Still under, Dr Taylor quickly dressed and left them. She snapped them out of it once she was at the door. Rachel had cum on her face and tits, Brycen‘s zipper was down and his cock still erect. They looked at each other in dismay. What happened? Why did they feel soooo good!

Stars: Taylor, Rachel Steele, Brycen Ward


Glamour Ladies 3


Posted on August 23rd, 2014

Glamour Ladies 3 Watch This Video!

Studio: N-StudioThese mature ladies love cock, and they find their prey relaxing in a living room on a lazy afternoon. The first is choking the chicken to a magazine, and is surprised by her sudden appearance. His fears are put to rest as she sits on his face. The second is politely nonplussed by the cougar’s sudden appearance, but is put to rest when she begins sucking his cock!

Love To Be Gangbanged 5


Posted on August 23rd, 2014

Love To Be Gangbanged 5 Watch This Video!

Studio: At Home Horny ProductionsSexy Scorption XXX and her sexy and naughty friends are at it again! Sexy Scoprion XXX is a voluptuous bombshell and she possesses a sexual hunger that needs to be fulfilled! Scorpion is joined by her friend; a vivacious blonde is who is also aching at the chance to get fucked by multiple dicks. The movie features two scenes of gangbanging action featuring your favorite Brit, Sexy Scorpion XXX!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx


UK Hottest Milfs Vol.1


Posted on August 21st, 2014

UK Hottest Milfs Vol.1 Watch This Video!

Studio: UK Porn KingsMILFs are where it’s at, everyone knows that! But when they’re from the UK? That’s even hotter. MILFs from the UK are the horniest, hottest, and best MILFs around! Eva May, Karina Currie, Rebecca More, Rio Lee, and Katie James are among the hottest MILFs in the entire state! Every seen is hot, especially Rebecca Mores scene, which is hot enough to scorch dry ice within seconds!

Stars: Rio Lee, Rebecca More, Eva May, Katie James, Karina Currie, Marc Rose, Kai Taylor, Jack Mason (i), Demetri XXX


Oops I Creampied In My Step Mom


Posted on August 21st, 2014

Oops I Creampied In My Step Mom Watch This Video!

Studio: Lethal HardcoreGet ready for 3 hours 30 minutes of hardcore, XXX action! Being a stepmom can be a very hard adjustment for some families. These over-sexed, eager to please MILFs have found the perfect way to get along with their stepsons! They would rather make friends by sucking, fucking and getting creampied! Brad tried to fake a fever to skip school, but his step mom Holly bribed him with some pussy and things got really hot, so hot that he accidentally busted a fat load inside her! Alyssa got soaking wet when her step son gave her a massage, so she rode his big hard rod until he shot his load in her sweet pink box! When Syren caught Richie jacking, she didn’t want to see all that cum go to waste so she made him pound her pussy! When Sonny asked Froya to explain what a ‘Creampie’ is, she decided to show him instead! Bonus scenes not included in movie.

Stars: Syren De Mer, Holly Heart, Alyssa Lynn, Froya Fantasia


The Best Of India Summer


Posted on August 21st, 2014

The Best Of India Summer Watch This Video!

Studio: LegendLegend Studios is super stoked to bring you The Best Of India Summer! India has established herself as one of the most in-demand starlets out there today. And this is a collection of India Summer’s hottest scenes to date! Find out why this champ tramp is one of the best in the biz! This is an ultimate collection of six of Summer’s most scorching scenes!

Stars: India Summer


I Need You Now


Posted on August 21st, 2014

I Need You Now Watch This Video!

Studio: MOMXXXWanting someone can be nice, but needing them creates an urgent energy that cannot be reproduced. These two showcase that type of raw desire on film! Getting out her big titties George wastes no time in getting them into his mouth making Billie’s nipples go hard in no time, feeling how turned on she is he spreads her legs delving into her sweet tasty pussy. Billie returns the favour by working his nice hard cock in her mouth, using her tongue and lips bringing him close to spilling his load before stopping. She slides her soaking wet pussy over his length riding him nice and hard until they both cum together.

Stars: Billie, George Uhl