Nakazono Squirting Wife Kiyomi Natsukawa Miku Disorder


Posted on January 31st, 2015

Nakazono Squirting Wife Kiyomi Natsukawa Miku Disorder Watch This Video!

Studio: DreamStageDreamStage’s “Nakazono Squirting Wife Kiyomi Katsukawa Miku Disorder” stars busty Japanese MILF Nakazono Kiyomi accompanied by another pretty, slender babe with thick nipples with two scenes for each woman. Watch these guys as they masturbate with vibes and shower heads before getting their hairy pussies fucked!

Stars: Nakazono Kiyomi


Cum Wife Volume 19


Posted on January 30th, 2015

Cum Wife Volume 19 Watch This Video!

Studio: GP Productions

Scene 1: Jolene Devil pleasures her pink pussy on a bed before taking a cock in her mouth. Deep down her throat over and over again it goes all while her hand pumps it, tugging out a thick load onto her face.

Scene 2: She’s back in the bedroom, and after some mild modeling and some hardcore finger-fucking and dildo penetration, she catches a semen slathering load on her tongue.

Scene 3: Jolene loves fingering her tight snatch, but what she loves more is hard cocks deep inside of her, especially when it treats her to a cream-pie.

Stars: Jolene Devil


A Hot Wife Blindfolded


Posted on January 29th, 2015

A Hot Wife Blindfolded Watch This Video!

Studio: New SensationsBy removing the sense of sight, your other remaining senses become heightened and electric …Wanting to keep her first hot-wifing experience completely anonymous, a blindfolded Casey anxiously awaits a stranger’s arrival. With only her sense of touch and taste, Brooklyn’s husband challenges her to an erotic guessing game involving one of their closest friends. Using deprivation, handcuffs, and a blindfold, Erik taunts his insatiable wife, Dana with the promise of sex with a man she’s never met. Ryan discovers that watching his wife become sexually unhinged in the hands of a man she cannot see is the ultimate foreplay.

Stars: Casey Calvert, Brooklyn Chase, Dana DeArmond, Cherie DeVille, Logan Pierce, Chad White, Ryan McClane, Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, Xander Corvus, Jay Smooth


Big Titty MILFS 24


Posted on January 29th, 2015

Big Titty MILFS 24 Watch This Video!

Studio: Devil’s FilmGet ready for even more sexy MILFS preparing to bust out and do what they do best! Don’t miss one second of all the hot tit fucking, cock sucking, and breast blasting that only Devil’s Film delivers! Fresh, raw, and hardcore at its best! Featuring MILFY performers like Kiara Mia, Danica Dillan, Courtney Taylor, and Sarah Jessie!

Stars: Courtney Taylor, Sarah Jessie, Danica Dillan, Kiara Mia, John Strong, Barry Scott, Marco Banderas


Magic Moments Presents Lizzy


Posted on January 29th, 2015

Magic Moments Presents Lizzy Watch This Video!

Studio: Magic MomentsLizzy is a thick blond with a horny appetite that needs to be satisfied. Her tits are full, her ass is plump, and her shaved pussy is dripping wet in anticipation of being warmed up by a large and in charge dildo, vibrator, or eager fingers ready to rub away at her throbbing clit!

Stars: Lizzy


Marlyn Lindsay


Posted on January 28th, 2015

Marlyn Lindsay Watch This Video!

Studio: FemorgMarlyn Lindsay is a forty-five year-old mature, dramatic, busty, brunette from the UK with large E cup breasts. She loves her eyes, her collar bones and her pussy. Marlyn says she enjoyed her first orgasm when she was fifteen years old and it was on top of her teddy bear’s face. ;-)

When we first meet Marlyn, she is wearing a black, long, column evening gown returning from a night on the town. She reaches her hands beneath her dress to touch her pussy, murmuring, “Oh, yes.” She sits on the bed to remove her jewelry and top of her dress, looking at the camera from a sideways angle, as she fondles her large naturals. She kneels to peel down her dress and show us her goods. Her pussy is shaved on her labia, with a tuft of dark hair on her mound. Marlyn leaves on her animal print high heels. She lies back on the pillows and starts finger massaging her pussy. After a finger warm-up, she turns on the Wahl massager, focusing first on her nipples before slipping the toy down between her legs. She works the toy on her clitoris and between her pussy lips, pulling back on her mound and alternating the sensations. She slides the toy down her mound, right down her slit, focusing intently on her clitoris. “Oh, my god.” Marlyn vocalizations increase in frequency and intensity - she gets quite loud - as she screams and pants. She screams, “OH, FUCK!” as she pants out a faintly contracting orgasm. She quickly turns off the toy and starts to giggle as she catches her breath. Then Marlyn chats with the camera man asking if she can keep that toy, please.

Now clad in white lace, Marlyn is seated on the sofa wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt. She tugs on her panties as she humps and writhes. We can see a wet spot form on the crotch of her panties. After a few moments, she peels off her white panties, licking her fingers to massage her pussy. She reaches behind the sofa pillow, pulling out a big pink rabbit dildo vibrator. She licks it and strokes it before placing it on her clitoris. She tosses her head back into the pillows, oohing and ahhing as she goes. Her nipples become quite perky, especially as she tugs and squeezes on them. She works the vibrator around and around on her clit as she tugs on a nipple, murmuring and screaming, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. Oh, fuck. Oh, yeah.” She giggles and licks her toy after she has cum, sliding the toy up and down her “sensitive” clit.

Marlyn is lounging on a living room chair in a pair of faded, torn, denim jeans and a tee shirt. She lifts off the tee shirt, revealing her lingerie bodice beneath. She pulls out her large, natural, breasts getting her nipples very aroused. She takes off her jeans, discarding them to the floor, as she concentrates on the crotch of her lingerie. She pops it open and immediately starts licking her fingers and massaging her pussy. Marlyn fires up the magic wand next. She runs the big massager across her big breasts, arching her back and moaning. She lets the toy wander down to her pussy, pulling back on her mound and spreading her labia wide. Just as an FYI, there’s a piece of white lint or toilet paper, clinging to Marlyn’s ass through most of this scene. She licks the head of the vibrating toy, then places it back on her clitoris. She starts to moan and the moans start to get louder and louder. She lets out a loud, “Oh, yeah” , working the toy right on her clitoris, smiling, licking her lips and murmuring “I’m going to do it again. I’m going to do it again.” She curls her hips up, giggling as she pulls the toy away. She fingers her pussy, licking them before she licks the head of the massager, still murmuring, “Oh, shit.” Marlyn says, “Now that was fun.” with a mischievious giggle.

Marlyn is wearing a black satin skirt with black thigh-high stockings and a white satin blouse. She is seated at a small table as she slowly undresses. She stands to unzip the skirt, showing off her black bra, panty and garter belt set. She slips a hand into her panties as the other goes back behind her head. It’s not long before her bra and panties come off. Marlyn finger massages her pussy before deciding to lick and fondle her magic wand. She turns on the toy, stroking the big head and running it across her large breasts before settling the powerful vibrator between her legs. Very quickly Marlyn is gasping and moaning - pretty loudly. She says, “Oh, shit!” As she pants and works the toy on her pussy. She sits upright in the chair, saying, “Oh, fuck. Oh, sugar” as she licks her lips and giggles.

Looking red hot in red, Marlyn is seated on the sofa wearing a red satin dress and red high heels. She is wearing wine coloured undergarments as she lifts the dress off over her head. She turns around, kneeling on the sofa to undo her garter belt and let her panties come off. She fingers her pussy from behind, then turns around to face the camera as she continues her sensual massage. Marlyn removes her bra and licks the pink fairy wand. She turns on the little massage vibrator, concentrating first on her breasts and nipples. She wets the head of the toy with her tongue before putting it on her pussy. Marlyn kicks off her red high heels and kicks up the toy to high power. Marlyn’s vocalizations kick in again, “Oh, yeah. Oh, shit” as she cums. She giggles and says to the cameraman, “I want one of these!” He doesn’t let the moment pass, asking her if she wants to try it again. Marlyn turns on the toy to high power once more, saying, “Oh, shit. Oh. Oh.” She is panting and murmuring, then consumed with the giggles after that. She pants and fans herself, then licks her fingers and the head of the toy.

Stars: Marlyn Lindsay


Cum Wife Volume 24


Posted on January 28th, 2015

Cum Wife Volume 24 Watch This Video!

Studio: GP ProductionsYour favorite blonde, “Cum Wife” Jolene Devil is back once again. Her insatiable hunger for a rock hard cock is what she wants. She loves toy play, giving blowjobs, and even anal penetration! But today she’s gonna show this lucky stud her love of face-sitting before she rewards him. She jumps right into the action with a deep throating that leaves her face coating in cum in scene one. scene two features the foxy blonde straddling the lucky stud’s face before she rewards him again with a blowjob until he spews another load! She lives up to her name in scene three when she straddles his cock and rides him cowgirl style until he erupts on her shapely ass!

Stars: Jolene Devil


Horny Old Ladies


Posted on January 27th, 2015

Horny Old Ladies Watch This Video!

Studio: XFREAXGiorgio Grandi and XFREAX Studios are feeling very excited and lively to present you with “Horny Old Ladies” The movie revolves around five mature women, cutting loose and letting go! You don’t want to discriminate these ladies, thy’ve been around the block a few times and they know just how to rock your world! Featuring Marina, Lena, Luba, Ania, and Nina!

Stars: Nina, Lena, Marina, Ania, Luba


The Young Marrieds


Posted on January 26th, 2015

The Young Marrieds Watch This Video!

Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Lost for over 40 years, Alpha blue Archives presents notorious B-movie director Ed Wood’s XXX erotic swan song, The Young Marrieds. The film is saturated with Wood’s low-budget eccentricity and excess. The film triumphs as an explicit sex flick thanks to the frisky innocence of Alice Friedland in one of her few hardcore roles.

Eccentric pulp writer and director Ed Wood was famous for his low budget horror films like Planet 9 from Outer Space. He was rediscovered by many people when Tim Burton made a biopic of the director with Johnny Depp in the lead role. Towards the end of his career, Ed Wood made a few hardcore adult films that fell into obscurity until they were recently discovered and re-released.

Stars: Patti Kramer, Cynthia Walker, Alice Friedland, George Black, Louis Wolf


Sara Jay Is Selfish


Posted on January 26th, 2015

Sara Jay Is Selfish Watch This Video!

Studio: Sara Jay’s Wyde SydeThis is the ultimate Sara Jay collection with over TEN solo scenes! Her sweet round ass is featured time and time again as she plunges fingertips and toys into her hot little MILFY holes! Sara Jay is one of the most in-demand porn starlets in the industry today and this film gives you the opportunity to get even more of Sara Jay’s sexiness!

Stars: Sara Jay


Uber 40 - Extrem Versaute Tantem


Posted on January 25th, 2015

Uber 40 - Extrem Versaute Tantem Watch This Video!

Studio: BB-VideoBB-Video’s “Uber 40 – Extrem Versaute Tantem” (“Over 40 – Extremely Nasty Aunts”) boasts four scenes of amateur German old ladies spreading open their old wet pussies. These aging scamps are getting more cock than girls half their age, and the best part is that they have the experience to know what to do with it!

Fun with Custard


Posted on January 24th, 2015

Fun with Custard Watch This Video!

Studio: At Home Horny ProductionsSexyscorpionXXX loves to have a bit of fun, but even more so, she loves to spice up even the most vanilla of sexual flings. Speaking of vanilla, she has the perfect topping to a regular fuck: custard. She and her partner use liberal amounts of custard on one another’s body parts to consume one another with, and take a shower afterwards to clean up their kinky sploshing.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx


Cum Wife Volume 18


Posted on January 23rd, 2015

Cum Wife Volume 18 Watch This Video!

Studio: GP ProductionsJolene Devil tries to fight her obsession for being nothing but a cum slut, but it’s a losing battle! The extremely buxom blonde is being threatened to be kicked out of her place, but she soon rectifies all of the bad news once she gets a nice dose of dick and cum! She tastes every single drop!

Stars: Jolene Devil


The Brides Surprise


Posted on January 22nd, 2015

The Brides Surprise Watch This Video!

Studio: ms_indeep ProductionsThe eager groom Butch has endured 6 months of hand and blow jobs since his new bride insisted on waiting until after they are married to consummate the “real” sex act. FINALLY it is the wedding night, and he awaits anxiously in the bedroom as she primps and prepares to let him ravish her! And even the bridesmaid and best man cum and join the fun in the second scene! Talk about a wedding night!

Stars: Mistress InDeep, Butch, Harvey, Ms. Bobbi (TVTS)