Tempted By Mommy 2


Posted on July 29th, 2014

Tempted By Mommy 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: Pornstar PlatinumPornstar Platinum presents the second volume to the older & younger lesbian series “Tempted By Mommy”. Starring cover stars Persia Monir and Nicki Blue and you can watch them play with their toys in scene two. Charisma Cappelli and Tara Holiday love a dildo party. Three times as fun with Tiffany Tyler, Puma Swede and Nina Elle Black. Veronica Avluv and Angelina Valentine are sexy fetish lovers. Yuri Luv and Jaylene Rio use a fucking machine.

Stars: Jaylene Rio, Charisma Cappelli, Persia Monir, Tara Holiday, Veronica Avluv, Yuri Luv, Nicki Blue, Nina Elle Black, Tiffany Tyler, Puma Swede, Angelina Valentine


Hot Office MILFs


Posted on July 29th, 2014

Hot Office MILFs Watch This Video!

Studio: KillergramSometimes the office can be a boring place. Sometimes the most exciting moments happen at the water cooler. In Hot Office MILFs, the most exciting thing that happens involves a MILF and an eager young man. These employees are some of the luckiest in the world, and you’re invited to the show.

Stars: Summer Rose, Karina Currie, Tiffany Kingston, Valerie Fox , Bonnie Rose, Mark Rose, Kai Taylor


Mommy Wants It In The Ass


Posted on July 28th, 2014

Mommy Wants It In The Ass Watch This Video!

Studio: Juicy NicheMommy Wants It in the Ass features Cynthia, Yana, Jennifer, and Barbara Summers! If they want it up their forbidden holes than it’s no problem! It’s that what Mommy wants, that’s what Mommy gets! There is nothing better than a woman on her knees begging you to stick your big fucking cock so deep in her ass that it will bring her tears of joy and leave her with an anal gape! This movie is not for the weak!

Stars: Jennifer, Cynthia, Yana, Barbara Summers


Webcam Fun


Posted on July 28th, 2014

Webcam Fun Watch This Video!

Studio: At Home Horny ProductionsSexyscorpionxxx is one of the most underrated performers in amateur porn. She has an amazing body and one of the best aspects of her movies is that she’s genuinely excited fuck in front of the camera for her fans. She displays this yet again in Webcam Fun, which features her getting double teamed! Enjoy the show!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx


Taboo Tales Volume 54


Posted on July 28th, 2014

Taboo Tales Volume 54 Watch This Video!

Studio: Red MILF ProductionsScene 1 - The Device: Brent finds a book on how to build a special device. He does not really think it will work but he has nothing better to do than try. Later that week he is doing bible study with his mother and she tells him that his aunt is coming for a visit. He always thought she was hot with her big tits. He would love to use his device on Aunt Taylor and make her suck his cock. He decides he needs to see if it works. His mother is going on and on about all the boring things they are going to do during the visit so he pulls the device out of his pocket and activates it. Nothing appears to have happened. He tries a small test. He tells his mother that she should order him three large deluxe pizzas. His mother will never pay for fast food. Stacie says that they never order pizza but then she says OK and calls the pizza parlor and orders them. He realizes that the device works. Wow. His mom does not realize that the device has worked so she starts rambling on about work. She starts complaining about how hard work is and about her boss. Brent activates the device again and suggests to his mom that she should show her boss her pussy to get ahead. In fact she should show him how she masturbates right now. Stacie says she never thought of that before and leans back in her chair and lifts her skirt. She starts playing with her pussy right in front of her son. Brent gets a hard-on watching his mom finger her pussy. He tells her another way to get ahead at work is to suck her boss’s cock. He says she needs to practice and pulls out his cock. She says that that is another good idea and starts to blow him. Stacie gives a good long blowjob. He holds it because he wants to fuck her before he cums. Brent deactivated the device and Stacie sat back down at the table and resumed her conversation about going to church and all their activities. Brent quickly tired of this and activated the device again. He asked his mother how she likes to feel his cock in her pussy. She smiled and said that it sounded like a good idea. He handed her a condom and she put it on him. She asked if he would like her to bend over the couch and he agreed. With no hesitation he slid into her pussy. Between moans she told him that they needed to get up early on Sunday for church. She told him about her dress as he fucked her from behind. She faded in and out of reality. It was like she did not know her ass was pointed up in the air and was getting fucked by her son. Brent asked her if she preferred that he cum inside her. She said that sounded good so he removed his condom and stuck his cock back in her. He fucked her until he shot his load. The cum dripped out of her pussy onto the floor. She said that they will be a great inspiration to the church. Brent deactivated the device and Stacie stood up. She resumed her conversation about going to church and then noticed the puddle of cum on the floor. She asked Brent if he made the mess. She was very puzzled.

Scene 2 - Device Adventures: Last month Brent had built a special device. He tested it out on his mom and it worked great. He ended up getting an awesome blowjob and fucked his mom until he came in her pussy. Brent was home alone when his Aunt Rachel came in with her son and daughter. Brent was about the same age as Brock and Briana so they got along good. They were talking about college and partying. Brent complained about his mother making him go to church and Rachel corrected him. He always thought his cousin Brianna was kind of hot so he pulled out his device and activated it. He told them that he thought that Brianna should give her brother a blowjob. Brent told her to lean up against the table and for Brianna to blow him. Brent told his Aunt Rachel that she should take out her tits. Brent had hiked up Brianna’s skirt to reveal her tiny panties. He told Aunt Rachel to play with her boobs. Brent pulled down Brianna’s panties to completely reveal her ample butt. Brent decided he wanted to see her get fucked but first he wanted a blowjob too. He switched places with Brock and told Aunt Rachel to come sit next to them and masturbate. Brent enjoyed watching his hot aunt masturbate as his cousin sucked his cock. Brent stripped Brianna naked and told her to switch places again. She went back to sucking her brother’s cock as Brent prepared to fuck Brianna. He moved everyone to the couch so he would be more comfortable. He shoved his cock into Brianna’s very tight pussy as she continued to suck her brother. Aunt Rachel watched as she played with herself. Brent pulled out of Brianna and told her to keep sucking. He sat back on the couch and told Aunt Rachel to jerk him off. Brent told Brock to fuck his sister. He slid into her lubed up pussy as she moaned. Rachel sat next to Brent and continued to jerk him off as he watched his cousins fuck. Brianna did not understand why but she was really enjoying the

Stars: Brianna, Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr, Brock, Brent


Fuck My Wife…Please!


Posted on July 28th, 2014

Fuck My Wife...Please! Watch This Video!

Studio: PowersvilleDirector Jim Powers is here to present a movie with four unique scenarios, in which the wife ends up getting fucked by someone other than their husbands! From MMF threesomes, to strangers with bondage to horny housewives craving some interracial fantasy, this movie has laid out some great scenarios for seeing gorgeous housewives getting fucked! Featuring Nikki Daniels, Eva Notty, Alexandra Silk and Alice Frost!

Stars: Alice Frost, Alexandra Silk, Nikki Daniels, Eva Notty, Rico Strong


Taboo Tales Volume 53


Posted on July 26th, 2014

Taboo Tales Volume 53 Watch This Video!

Studio: Red MILF ProductionsScene 1 - Jerking my Cock, Watching my Mother

Rachel is a controlling mother to her son. She works very hard at an office all day, when she returns home her son is waiting. She quickly tells him she is going out with her girl friends and he is to stay home. Her submissive son never argues with her. Rachel tells him she is going to shower. She enters the bedroom closing her door part way. Her son sneaks up to the door to peek at her undressing. Rachel knows he is watching and slowly removes her tight business clothes to reveal her bra, garter and stockings. She then slowly removes those. She goes to the bathroom and starts the shower. He watches her rub her wet body with soap and jerks his cock. Rachel purposely bends over to show him her ass. She lifts her tits and pinches her nipples. She remains calm as if she is not aware of his peeking. When she is done, she dries herself off and returns to the bedroom where she lotions up her sexy body. Rachel knows her son has been sniffing her pantyhose so she decides to really teas him. She pulls a pair of his favorites and slowly puts them on. She turns around quickly so he hides. Rachel calls him in. He shows up with his face red. Rachel tells him she knows what he is up to and laughs at him. She begins to have her fun. She taunts him by prancing around him putting her tits in his face but never letting him touch her or himself. She pulls her pantyhose down and shows her ass. When she sees his hard on she sits him on the bed pulling his pants down. she begins to suck his cock. Rachel is turned on because he is so turned on by her; she wants to see him cum. As she works his cock she reminds him to never tell his father or he will cut off his dick! She sucks her son until he loses control and shoots a huge load all over his hot moms’ face. She is pleased and decides to stay home; she has more plans for her dirty young man!

Scene 2 - Porn Producers Gift

Having just suffered a huge loss in court at the hand of a young district attorney, a porn producer sends a CD meant to brainwash the listeners into committing and enjoying perverse acts. DA Julia listens to the CD with her sister/activist Rachel and her son, just what the producer intended. At the dinner table the CD plays after the family discusses the case and how happy they are with the results. The CD starts with music, and the listeners comment that they are powerless to turn off the CD player. The porn producer’s voice comes on and tells the family what’s happening: that they are being brainwashed and they are powerless to stop it. He tells them to strip. They try to resist but they cannot. He tells them to masturbate; they are less reluctant this time. He makes an elaborate explanation “You wanted to destroy porn, now you will love porn”. During the explanation, the three leer and sexily snarl at each other. Resisting but also succumbing to the subliminal mind control. Their personalities are being changed. When the CD is over, they all are be loving perverts who will desire to start making their own porn. The producer tells them this and they nod in agreement. Once the CD ends, all three come out of the trance. They awaken without memory the CD and just let their new personalities take over. Julia drops to her knees and starts sucking Brent’s cock. His hands roam her body as she attempts to deep throat him. Rachel joins her and it becomes a double blowjob. Both women want to get fucked so they move to the living room. The play with each other until Brent walks into the room. Julia licks her sister and Brent slams her pussy from behind. Rachel lies back on the couch and Brent begins fucking her. She gets on her hands and knees and he fucks her from behind. Julia plays with her tits while she gets banged.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr


ATK Aunt Judy Presents: I’m Not 50, I’m 5 Perfect 10’s


Posted on July 24th, 2014

I'm Not 50, I'm 5 Perfect 10's Watch This Video!

Studio: Kick AssIf 30 is the new 20, then these mature women at the peak of their sexual prime are ready to make a believer out of you when they say that 50 is the same as 5 perfect 10’s! Why? Because these babes have everything a man could want in a woman. They all score a perfect 10 in five important categories: experience, lack of inhibition, ability to please a man, ability to orgasm, and mature sexiness! These women have been around the block a time or two, so it’s safe to say that they possess qualities a younger woman just can’t deliver on. Like a fine wine, their tits and pussies just get better with age. Watch and see why these lovely ladies are not over 50, they are indeed 5 perfect 10s!

Stars: Macy Maddison, Nina, Nicole, Anna, Karolina, Annabella, Sindy Silver, Lala Bond, Dimonte


Mommy Dearest


Posted on July 24th, 2014

Mommy Dearest Watch This Video!

Studio: Exquisite MultimediaThey have been around the block a time or two and are well versed in the art of sucking and fucking a fat cock! Demi, Kendra, Kayla, Cheyenne and Alex are some of the sexiest, horniest and cock hungry MILFs in the industry and they are eager to show you why! Cheyenne starts the party without her stud by gaping her asshole with a huge dildo before she guzzles him down and throws her legs behind her head for a pussy and anal pummeling! Demi schools Mark on what to do with his piece of wood in an after class lesson he won’t soon forget! Kayla is thick as thieves and will make you spew a hot load and speak in tongues when she bounces those tits and ass on a stiff shaft! The raunchy, sexually sadistic and totally erotic actions of these sexy mamas will have you calling these MILFs “Mommy Dearest” in no time at all!

Stars: Kayla Quinn, Cheyenne Hunter, Demi Delia, Kendra Secrets, Alex Dane, Alex Gonz, Mark Wood


Taboo Tales Volume 35


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Taboo Tales Volume 35 Watch This Video!

Studio: Red MILF ProductionsScene 1 - Beauty

Rachel’s daughter returned home with her boyfriend to find Rachel passed out on the couch with an empty whiskey bottle in her hand. Her daughter was so embarrassed and offered to drag Rachel into her bed room. Her boy friend felt bad for her and told her he would take care of Rachel. The daughter went off to her room to shower. John always thought Rachel was one hot MILF. This was his chance to get a piece of her without anyone knowing. Rachel was completely out. He slowly unbuttoned her top and lifted her skirt. He pulled her tits out and sucked her erect nipples. He opened her legs and moved her panties to feel her pussy. This made him erect, his cock was throbbing. The thought of fucking her while she slept was overwhelming. He took her hand and rubbed it over his cock. He took his pants off and used her hand to jerk him. John gently kissed her on the lips as he tilted her head off the edge of the couch. He opened her mouth and slid his cock in and out. Rachel’s tongue was licking him as she slept. His cock was wet and he wanted to explode on her face. He mounted her lifting her leg in the air and he slid his cock in her wet pussy. Her body was responding to him like she was having a wet dream. He could not hold it and he pulled out jerking off onto her face. His load was huge, it shot on her bra and up into her hair. He left her like that. She would never know who did this, but he would remember forever.

Scene 2 - Mom, I Want to be Like You!

Rachel is a single mom and knows how to use men to get what she needs and wants. Her daughter Kelsie is a studios type and very nerdy. She looks at her mom and sees all the men she dates. She sees all the expensive gifts Rachel gets and becomes more depressed. Kelsie heard her mom come in late and peeked in the kitchen. She saw her mom sucking off a 22 year old. Kelsie began to think. If she could be like her, she would be popular and have a lot of nice things. But how? After a date Rachel sat with Kelsie and her son Anthony to show off the ring she got. That was the final straw; Kelsie snapped and told her mom she wanted to be like her. Rachel calmly explained that she would never be quite like her as she is her own person. She got angry as Rachel belittled her and her brother laughed at her. He sneered she could never be as hot as their mom. Rachel even had the attention from her own son. He knew she was a bomb shell and encouraged her to use it as long as she can. Rachel kissed her on the fore head and said good night. Anthony poked fun at Kelsie again. Later that night Kelsie woke up and snuck in Rachel’s closet finding the sexiest slut dress she could. She put it on and a pair of black lacy thigh high stockings. Kelsie wobbled out of her room in high heels. She put on heavy makeup and headed to her brother’s room. Kelsie was determined to prove to him she could be just like mom. Anthony lay sound asleep. She moved the covers and started to play with his cock. She saw her mom do it so she knew how. As she started to suck it he woke up. He was shocked to see her dressed and sucking him. Kelsie smiled and told him she wanted to do it with him. Anthony a horny young stud of course agreed under a condition, he would tell her what and how to do what men like. She agreed. Kelsie sucked and stroked him. Anthony told her it was time for fucking, she got on all fours and he slid it in. She loved being a slut just like mom. He fucked her in several positions then he made her suck his cock before her came all over her face. She liked everything but the facial, she thought it was nasty. Anthony laughed and told her mom loves facials! Kelsie was still not quite like Rachel but very close. Scene 3 - How to Use a Man, Lesson for Daughter

Kelsie lives with her mother. Rachel has not worked an honest job in years. She uses men to pay for everything. Rachel is a sexy seductive MILF who knows how to get what she wants from any man. Kelsie is still young and does not know what her mother does. One day Kelsie had a boyfriend over, they were kissing on the couch. The young man tried to get to second base with her and she slapped his hand away. Kelsie told him to leave if that was all he wanted. Rachel heard the argument and came to the room. Kelsie told her mom what happened and to her surprise Rachel scolded her for tossing him out. Kelsie was confused listened as Rachel reminded her how rich he was and she needed to apologize to get him back. Rachel told her she had the house, the car and all their expenses paid by men she used. Now it was time for Kelsie to learn the art of being a seductress. Rachel had a young stud detail her car. When he was done she told Kelsie that together they would work him over and not pay a dime for his work. Kelsie thought her mom was crazy but agreed to it. Anthony came in after a hot day of detailing Rachel’s car. They offered him some water and asked him to sit. Rachel and Kelsie sat very close to him. Rachel commented on how hot it was. He should take his shirt off and relax. He watched them unbutton his shirt and became aroused but confused. They giggled. He became nervous. Kelsie touched his belt buckle and began to unfasten it. He looked at Rachel who was smiling at him. Rachel stood up an announced they would not pay him cash, but would honor the debt. They removed his pants and started to stroke his cock. Do we have a deal? Rachel asked. He smiled big and agreed. Rachel and Kelsie worked their magic on his cock, passing it back and forth sucking and stroking it. After several minutes of that, Rachel suggested Kelsie ride it. Rachel sat close and rubbed his balls, pushing her tits in his face. Kelsie then fucked him cowgirl style as Rachel fondled her daughter’s tits and kissed her to really give Anthony a show. He stood up after fucking Kelsie and both sucked her cum off his cock. When he was ready to burst, Rachel told her daughter to swallow his load. Anthony will be back to detail Kelsie’s car and bring other guys to do more home repairs.

Stars: Kelsie, Rachel Steele


MILFs Illustrated 2


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

MILFs Illustrated 2 Watch This Video!

Studio: Jules Jordan Video - Lisa AnnStarlet Lisa Ann burst onto the scene in 1994 at the tender age of 22 with massive tits and a juicy ass. Now she’s working both in front of and behind the camera with Jules Jordan to bring you the sequel to “MILFs Illustrated,” presenting some of the hottest MILFs working in the business today. First up, Lisa Ann takes on French-Canadian new cummer Jessy Jones and shows him the ropes. Next, Erik Everhard drives Richelle Ryan to pound town, and Nikki Benz shows Manuel Ferrara why curvy girls rule. Nadia Style gets hot ‘n heavy with Ramon Nomar and his expert tongue, and Lisa Ann returns to steal the show by opening up her bubble butt and spreading those cheeks for Mick Blue’s cock.

Stars: Lisa Ann, Nadia Styles, Nikki Benz, Richelle Ryan, Jessy Jones, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue


Little Young Mommy Wants A Facial


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Little Young Mommy Wants A Facial Watch This Video!

Studio: Juicy NicheForget clay and avocado masks! The only thing that will keep a young mom looking young is a huge facial of creamy white cum all over her pretty face. But before she takes that yummy load, she wants to get her butt and pussy worked so hard and so good that she’ll happy lay back and take that load like a pro!

Stars: Amber, Nataly, LiLi, Dolce


Geschiedene Fotzen


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Geschiedene Fotzen Watch This Video!

Studio: DBM VideovertriebGeschiedene Fotzen roughly translates to “Divorced Pussy,” and you know what the means! With the kids and husband gone, and all taboos and inhibitions out the window, four fit German MILFs are hornier than a nineteen year old and ready to get a hot load sprayed on their big perky tits. Enjoy the show!

Stars: Carolina, Dagmar, Wibke, Margitta, Manfred, Robert, Anton, Rudiger


Exotic Latin MILFs


Posted on July 22nd, 2014

Exotic Latin MILFs Watch This Video!

Studio: Channel 69 VideoIt’s no secret that Latin women are renowned for being some of the most gorgeous and good-looking women in the world. And once some of these babes get older and achieve MILF status, these spicy MILFs have only gotten hotter and hornier with age! These MILFs are scorching hot! Featuring Carolina, Lisa De Marco, Antonella, Anjanette, Cleo Gomes and La Toya!

Stars: Carolina, Antonella, Lisa De Marco, Cleo Gomes, Anjanette, La Toya Lopez